Oral care rather than hand care!

Demonstrates its power in the middle of winter!


If you feel something is wrong with your throat, one in your bag, "shut"!

It's also good for brushing your teeth by "shut" on your toothbrush.


■ Oral peace is the only one in the world! Oral care products made of swallowable ingredients

Initially, elderly people requiring long-term care who have difficulty in gargling and spitting

It was developed to solve the problems of medical and long-term care sites, which kill 500 people a year.


Now, including babies, pets, those who are not good at chemical components, pregnant / lactating / pregnant

Since it was adopted for mountain climbing, camping, and JAXA, it is also used in the space environment!

Every year, it is very active even in the event of a disaster, so it is said that one product should be stockpiled by the family.


It is made from organic ingredients that are safe to swallow, so it is quickly decomposed and digested in the intestinal tract. No foaming agent or irritating ingredients are used, and it can be polished firmly with little unpolished residue. Since it does not contain fluorine (titanium corrosive component), it can also be used for implants.

It is an environment-friendly product that is rapidly biodegraded by microorganisms even if it is discharged into the natural environment, does not affect the microbial ecosystem, does not pollute the sea ahead of it, and keeps the earth beautiful.


All products contain the patented lactic acid bacterium peptide formulation "Neonaisin-e®" (cleaning aid) derived from plant foods.


■ Neo Nisin-e®
Through industry-academia-government joint research with Kyushu University Graduate School of Agriculture, Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, National Longevity Medical Research Center Oral Disease Research Department, etc.

It was invented from research on advanced lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides originating in Japan that control bacteria with bacteria.


People with disabilities work in factories and offices.

Approximately 300 yen will be returned to the wages of people with disabilities with the purchase of one!



■ Applications: Oral cleansing, oral moisturizing, bad breath prevention, periodontal care, tongue care, mucous membrane care, tooth decay prevention, dry mouse prevention, aspiration prevention, infection prevention care, etc.
■ Contents: 30g






























Organic Oral Moisture Spray