[For normal skin] Organically grown Yuzu from Ikeda Yuzu Garden, Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture is used to create a refreshing scent of organic Yuzu.


Yuzu contains abundant ingredients that make the skin healthy so that the skin becomes smooth when you take it in Yuzu-yu. In particular, vitamin C contains 1.5 times as much as lemon and hesperidin contains 20 times as much as mandarin orange, making it a natural material that can be called a "treasure of beauty."

The yuzu honey shampoo contains a well-balanced combination of Kochi organic JAS yuzu and honey, which is also a moisturizing ingredient. Keeps hair and scalp healthy.
Since it does not use any synthetic surfactants, preservatives, or silicones, it can be used not only on hair but also on the face and whole body.
The scent is also the refreshing scent of Yuzu fruit, which refreshes your mood.


"Limonene" contained in Yuzu is an aromatic component that is also used for aromatherapy, and the refreshing scent refreshes the tiredness of the day. The original scent of Yuzu fruit is condensed without using artificial flavors.

In addition, Yuzu is rich in vitamin C, the moisturizing ingredient "pectin", the weakly acidic "quexic acid", and the citrus-specific ingredient "hesperidin". Taking advantage of this characteristic of Yuzu, it keeps hair and scalp healthy.


A well-balanced blend of honey, which is also a moisturizing ingredient, is luxuriously used with organic JAS-cultivated yuzu fruit, skin, and fruit juice.
Since it does not use any synthetic surfactants, preservatives, or silicones, it can be used on the face and whole body, and the dense foam cleans the whole body to make it smooth.


All ingredients: Horse oil soap base (potassium soap), hot spring water, ethanol, granulated sugar, glycerin, yuzu extract, yuzu seed extract, kabosu juice, honey, licorice extract, citric acid, Italian itosugi oil, lavender oil, yuzu fruit oil

* Ethanol is used in the manufacturing process, but it volatilizes and does not remain in the product. 


















Organic Honey Yuzu Shampoo