Organic Level 5
The refreshing scent wraps you around you and makes you comfortable during the sweaty season. Alcohol-free organic aroma mist. When you sweat, when you want to change your mood, it's a relaxing time. It can be used for hair mist, delicate zone, linen water, room spray, etc. It is a natural body mist because it does not block sweat glands and pores, so it does not interfere with skin breathing.

How to use
Spray an appropriate amount over the whole body.


Usage notes
•    Avoid use on the eyes and mucous membranes.
•    Be careful not to get into your eyes.
•    If there is an abnormality on your skin, please stop using it if it does not fit your skin.
•    Do not place in places with high temperatures.
Main ingredients
Muscat, Birch,  Rice Permented


All ingredients
Water, grape fruit extract, high bush blueberry extract, birch sap, yuzu seed extract












○Refresh成分: レプトスペルムムペテルソニイ葉水、ダイダイ果皮水、ユズ種子エキス、レモンティートリー精油



Organic Aroma Mist