A face mask made from 100% organic cotton that is gentle on the skin.  A high-quality face mask that is gentle on the skin and cannot be parted once used.
 It is a dry type sheet that is folded in three in a box, so please use it after sprinkling your beauty essence on it while it is still folded.
 The secret of softness lies in the manufacturing method.  Pristine care products are smelted and bleached.  We used chemicals that have a low environmental impact, and only used a very small amount.  As a result, we have created a high-quality face mask that causes less damage to the cotton, maintains the health of the fibers, does not squeak or dry, is smooth, has good entanglement between the fibers, and is soft but has little fluff.
 Please use it for daily skin care.  It is a gem that makes you feel the comfort of organic cotton.  Material: 100% organic cotton 1 sheet approx. 23 x 20 cm / box 10 sheets (1 sheet: approx. 23 cm x 20 cm) Package size: 9 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm Country of origin: Japan (Kagoshima Prefecture)


Organic cotton Face Mask 10 Sheets/Box