A bath salt that is a blend of carefully grown fruits and herbs in sea salt from Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture, which contains plenty of minerals.
Minerals prevent the body temperature from dropping due to sweating, keep the body warm and warm, and increase metabolism.

In addition, the mineral components contained in the bath salts remove stains on the surface of the skin, and the bath containing bath salts softens the skin and balances the moisture in the skin, leaving the skin moist after the bath. Will do it.

In addition, the change in osmotic pressure causes the water in the body to move out and tightens the skin, so it is also recommended for a slow half-body bath.
With organic fruits and herbs, it is luxuriously scented and colored, making it a perfect gift bath salt.

Capacity: 200g

【how to use】
Put an appropriate amount in the bathtub, stir well and take a bath.
(For 200L of hot water, use about 30g as a guide)

[Precautions for use]
・ Do not use if you are not fit for seawater or hot springs, or if you have an abnormality on your skin.
・ Should you observe any abnormalities such as swelling, pain or irritation during use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
-Since this product is a natural ingredient, the color etc. may differ, but there is no problem in using it.
・ Bath salts may not be available depending on the 24-hour bath or circulating bathtub. Please check the instruction manual of your model.
・ Please note that enamel and stainless steel bath kettles may rust.
・ Keep out of reach of children.

[All ingredients of Refresh bath salts]
Sea salt, leptospermum petersonii oil, lemon extract, chamomile extract, orange peel oil, cuttlefish fruit extract, fermented rice liquid

[Rescue Line bath salts all ingredients]
Salt, lavender oil, pear fruit extract, pear fruit extract, fermented rice liquor

[All components of Romantic bath salts]
Sea salt, damask rose flower oil, geranium oil, strawberry fruit extract, adonis parestina flower extract, cuttlefish fruit extract, fermented rice liquid









【Refresh バスソルト全成分】

【Rescue Line バスソルト全成分】

【Romantic バスソルト全成分】

Organic Bath Salt