For birthdays, white days, and midyear gifts! Would you like to give shape to your loved ones? Body soap that can also be used as shampoo, the highest level of organic body mist, and lavender lotion. The moment you open the box and the moment you use it, you will be delighted regardless of age or gender. It is a gift that feels warmth and kindness with all your heart ♪ [Relax Body Soap] The gentle sweet scent of grapes spreads softly in the bathroom, soothing the mood and bringing deep comfort. A smooth, comfortable gel-type soap that does not affect the pH of the skin. Capacity: 300 ml All ingredients: water, potash ken, xanthan gum, citric acid, chamomile oil, blueberry extract, grape extract, white birch sap, grape leaf extract, cuttlefish fruit extract [Body mist] Only pesticide-free plant materials are used! The highest level of organic aroma mist A refreshing scent wraps you around and makes you comfortable in the sweaty season. When you sweat, when you want to change your mood, or when you want to relax. It can be used for armpits, delicate zones, hair mists, linen water, room sprays, etc. Common antiperspirants can cause clogging of sweat glands and pores. However, this body mist is safe because it does not interfere with cutaneous respiration. Capacity: 100 ml ○ Relax ingredients: water, muscat fruit extract, giant peak fruit extract, blueberry fruit extract, fermented rice extract, yuzu seed extract [Lavender lotion] "When I was relaxed in the daytime, my face got hot!" "I have acne again!" "My skin is a little sticky." Perfect for such people! Lavender lotion "Essential SPA Drops". Since it contains a lot of lavender water and chamomile water, it is a lotion that has a higher anti-inflammatory and soothing effect than moisturizing power. Even though it does not contain fragrance, it has a 100% natural lavender scent ♪ It will heal your tired feelings and calm you down. Especially if you use it before the holidays, it will be a good zzz Actually, there are many people who have tried organic cosmetics but have been frustrated. When switching from chemical cosmetics, first try changing only the lotion. If you suddenly change the cream or serum, it may dry out. If you feel something is wrong, the trick is to put it back and switch again after your skin has calmed down. Be careful especially in the middle of winter. Toner is a cosmetic that penetrates the skin, so it is a very important basic cosmetic. According to the research results of a major cosmetics manufacturer, "chemical cosmetics cause stains and dullness." The main cause is the functional ingredients of preservatives. Why don't you use up one and take a step to keep your skin healthy 10 years later? Capacity: 150 ml Ingredients: water, lavender water, chamomile water, glycerin, rosemary extract, fermented rice extract, yuzu seed extract, thyme corn water, lavender flower oil, pear fruit extract * Free shipping and wrapping service